How to Create Deal Alerts On Amazon for Better Savings

Amazon Deal Alert

Set up Amazon Prime Deal Alerts to seize the best discounts available. This article will walk you through enabling these alerts using the Amazon app or website.

Get ready never to miss a deal again!

Understanding Amazon Deal Alerts

You can get instant notifications for discounts on Amazon. These alerts help you save money and snag the best deals quickly.

What They Are

Deal alerts on Amazon keep you informed about sales and discounts. They notify you when prices drop on items you’re interested in. These alerts can be sent as push notifications or emails.

Amazon Prime members get exclusive deal offers. If you have a Prime membership, these alerts help make the most of events like Black Friday and Prime Day.

Why They’re Useful

Deal alerts on Amazon save you time and money. Instead of constantly checking prices, get notified when items you’re interested in go on sale. Customizing deal alerts is easy. Choose specific categories or products that match your interests.

Prime members benefit even more. Use Buy with Prime for exclusive offers on select brands’ websites beyond Personalized recommendations and deals are based on past purchases and browsing history.

This means better-targeted notifications straight to your inbox!

How They Work

Amazon Deal Alerts notify you when items on your list drop in price. These alerts are possible if you have the Amazon app for Android or iOS and an Amazon Prime membership. The app checks prices and sends notifications to your device.

You can enable push notifications for “You’re Watched & Allowed Deals.” This ensures you don’t miss Lightning Deals or other sales you’re interested in. Adjusting settings allows you to customize how often and which deals appear on your screen.

How to Set Up Deal Alerts on Amazon

You can set up Amazon deal alerts using the app or website. Follow these steps to catch the best discounts for your favorite items during checkout.

Using the Amazon App

Step 1: Install the Amazon app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Step 2: Sign in or create an Amazon account.

Step 3: Tap Menu and go to Your Account.

Step 4: Look for Message Center, then select Deals Notifications.

Step 5: Subscribe to Deals Notifications based on recent searches or viewed items. This helps you stay updated on discounts and offers that matter most to you.

Easily manage alerts within the app for better price comparisons and savings while shopping online.

Using the Website

Step 1: Log into your Amazon account using a web browser like Chrome or Safari.

Step 2: Head to the “Today’s Deals” section and look for the “Deal Alerts” option.

Step 3: Click this to reach a page where you can manage your alerts.

Step 4: Enter details about the categories or products you’re interested in.

Step 5: Set price thresholds so you’ll be notified when an item drops below that price.

As Amazon Prime members, you get notifications up to 24 hours early through Alexa or email.

Customizing Your Alerts

You can tailor your deal alerts to match your preferences. You can choose the categories you want or set specific price limits.

Selecting Categories or Products

Pick your favorite categories on Amazon. Maybe you love electronics, books, or household items. Choose the ones that interest you most to get alerts tailored to those products.

Add specific items to your wishlist. This helps Amazon send more precise deal alerts. For example, if you want a new tablet or an Echo device, include them in your list.

Setting Price Thresholds

Set price thresholds to get alerts only for deals within your budget. On Amazon, you can use external tools like Carrot to track prices and receive notifications when items drop below a certain amount.

Download Carrot from the App Store or install its Chrome extension.

Specify the price range for each product or category you want to monitor. For instance, set an alert for video games under $20 or Kindle e-books discounted by at least 50%. This way, you never miss out on savings that match your spending limits.

Adjusting Alert Frequency

Adjusting how often you receive deal alerts ensures you don’t get overwhelmed. You can receive daily, weekly, or even monthly notifications depending on your preference. This helps you better manage personalized deal alerts.

If you only shop occasionally, you might prefer fewer or more frequent alerts during holiday sales. Go into your Amazon settings under the “Deal Alerts” section and pick the frequency that suits your shopping habits.

Stay informed by managing these notifications efficiently!

Personalizing Your Deal Alerts

You can personalize deal alerts for your favorite products and set how often you want to get notifications.

Choose Categories of Interest

Choose categories that match your interests. Amazon offers many options, such as electronics, books, clothing, etc. This helps you find deals that suit your shopping needs.

Prime members can also track these deals using the Amazon Shopping app. The app offers personalized recommendations based on past purchases and browsing history. You’ll receive alerts for favorite products and new items in chosen categories.

Set Preferences for Deal Frequency and Types

You can decide how often you want to receive deal alerts. Set them for every five minutes during Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, which started on October 10 at 3 a.m. EDT and runs through October 11.

This way, you never miss out on hot deals in categories like fashion, home, and toys.

Adjust types of deals based on your interests. Do you love watching movies? Opt for alerts about Prime Video deals. Enjoy reading? Get notifications for Kindle Owners’ Lending Library offers.

Setting these preferences helps tailor the alerts to what matters most to you.

The Bottom Line

Creating deal alerts on Amazon is simple and saves money. First, become an Amazon Prime member to unlock exclusive deals. Use the Amazon app or website to set up your alerts. Customize by choosing product categories and setting price limits.

Stay informed with frequent notifications tailored to your preferences. Enjoy benefits like early access to lightning deals and discounts during Prime Big Deal Days!

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