Best Cashback Apps and Sites 2024

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Cashback apps and websites provide a convenient way to earn money back on essential purchases, such as groceries, by offering cashback for shopping at your favorite stores.

This article will guide you through some of the best cashback apps and sites in 2024, explain how they work, and show you how to maximize your savings. Keep reading to find out more!

Best Cashback Apps & Sites for 2024

Check out these top cashback apps and sites to save money in 2024. These tools can help you earn rewards on your shopping trips!

1. Rakuten

Rakuten is a top cashback app that saves money on shopping. It offers cash back for online and in-store purchases at over 3,500 stores. As a welcome bonus, you can get up to $10.

Additionally, you earn $30 whenever you refer friends.

Cashback rewards are paid every three months via check or PayPal, making it easy to receive your earnings. Rakuten has no fees, so every penny earned goes straight to you. Popular online retailers like Amazon and stores such as Costco offer these rewarding deals through Rakuten.

2. Ibotta

Use Ibotta to earn cash back on grocery shopping, travel, and online purchases. It covers over 50,000 stores, including major grocery stores like Kroger and Safeway. You can start earning by scanning receipts or linking a loyalty card from these stores to your account.

Once you reach a $20 minimum in cash back earnings, you’ll get paid through PayPal, bank deposit, or gift cards. The app is free and available on Android devices via Google Play and Apple devices through the Apple App Store.

Active users report average monthly earnings of $10 to $20, with some earning up to $300.

3. Fetch

Fetch Rewards is a top choice for earning cashback. Snap photos of your receipts and upload them within 14 days to earn points. You can scan receipts from grocery stores like Albertsons, Hannaford, or Jewel-Osco.

Use these points for gift cards or donations to charities. Fetch offers easy redemption through major retailers such as Kohl’s and Staples. Feel good about helping others with charity options or saving for special deals at retail stores.

4. Topcashback

Topcashback partners with over 5,000 stores to offer fantastic cashback deals. You can earn between 2% and 20%, depending on where you shop. If you prefer e-gift cards, enjoy an additional savings of up to 12.5%.

Invite friends using your referral code and get a $30 bonus once they reach $10 in cashback.

Getting started is easy. Please create an account through their website or mobile app on the Google Play Store or Apple Pay. To maximize rewards points, use your Visa or Mastercard to purchase at online stores like Home Depot and Sam’s Club.

Track earnings and cash out in various ways, including direct deposits into your checking account or digital wallets like Venmo.

5. Upside

Upside is perfect for gas purchases, partnering with over 100,000 gas stations. You can earn cash back at pumps, convenience stores, and fast food chains. The app also offers savings at more than 50,000 locations, including restaurants.

With Upside, you may save up to 25% on dining out and get up to 25 cents per gallon back at the pump. Upload your receipt or link your debit card for automatic rewards. This app is easy to use and helps make managing personal finance a breeze.

6. Dosh

Dosh offers automatic cashback on shopping, travel, and dining. You can quickly earn money by linking your credit or debit cards to the app. Once you earn a minimum of $25 in cashback, you can withdraw it through Venmo, PayPal, or your bank account.

The Dosh app is easy to use and is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices. Earn rewards without scanning receipts or adding discount codes manually. This makes it simple and convenient to save money while using your smartphone for everyday purchases at big-box stores like Whole Foods Market or online shops like

7. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 helps you save on gas and groceries. This app offers rewards that add up fast. To cash out, you must build a minimum balance of $20. It’s easy to use: scan your receipts after shopping.

Find deals from many stores, such as Harris Teeter and ShopRite. Earn credits even when you shop online using a web browser like Chrome or Firefox. This feature makes Checkout 51 versatile for both brick-and-mortar and digital purchases.

8. Ebates

Ebates, now called Rakuten, offers excellent cashback deals on online shopping. Users receive their cash back every three months through PayPal or by check. New users enjoy a $10 welcome bonus and no fees.

Rakuten offers rewards programs with many retail partners. You can also earn $30 for each person you refer to the platform. The browser extension makes it easy to find coupons and promo codes when shopping online.

9. Honey

Honey is a Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge, and Firefox browser extension. It automatically finds promo or coupon codes at checkout. The tool applies these codes to over 30,000 retailers.

This saves you both time and money.

HHoney’s loyalty program, Honey Gold, allows you to earn reward points, which you can redeem for gift cards at popular stores like DDomino’s and BBJ’s Wholesale Club. This handy app makes shopping online more rewarding.

10. Seated

Seated is a fantastic app for earning cash back at restaurants. When you dine out, you can get up to 30% cash back in select cities. The app partners with popular eateries, allowing you to save money and enjoy great meals.

Even better, Seated makes it simple to earn rewards. Book your reservation through the app and submit a photo of your receipt after dining. Then, wait for your cashback reward to appear in your account! With these easy steps, enjoying delicious food while saving money becomes effortless.

11. Future

Cashback apps will get even better. You might see more options for utilities and green spending. Some apps already offer 10% cashback on energy bills. Fintech companies keep creating new ways to save.

More stores will join these programs, too, including big names like DDomino’sand Stop & Shop. Imagine earning more rewards just by scanning your receipts! Don’t miss out on those credit card rewards and referral program extras.

12. Shopkick

Shopkick lets you earn rewards just for shopping. You can use it at any store, making it super convenient. Scan receipts or link your credit card to get kicks (points). These points become gift cards for places you love, like DDomino’sand Amazon.

This app ranks high among the best cashback apps and sites in 2024. It offers a user-friendly interface and multiple ways to earn rewards, such as scanning barcodes or walking into partner stores like Publix and H-E-B.

Shopkick also partners with many retailers, so you’re not limited to where you shop or what you can earn back!

What are cashback apps?

Cashback apps help you save money on everyday purchases. You earn cash back by buying through these apps from partnered stores. Famous examples include Rakuten and Ibotta, which offer various rates of return on your spending.

Different types of cashback apps exist. Receipt-scanning ones like Fetch reward you for uploading receipts. Loyalty cards connect directly with places like Starbucks to provide points or discounts.

Many are free to use and can significantly reduce expenses while shopping online or in-store.

How do cashback apps work?

Create an account on the cashback app. You browse through deals and find ones you like. Shop online or in stores using your associated credit cards, prepaid cards, or by scanning receipts.

The app tracks your purchases and gives you cash back!

Most apps make money from affiliate marketing. They earn a commission when you shop through their links. Some apps may use customer spending data to offer even better deals. Once you reach a certain threshold, you can withdraw your earnings via American Express gift cards or PayPal payments!

Benefits of Using Cashback Sites

You can save money while you shop. Get access to special offers and promos without spending extra.

Earn Money While Shopping

Using cashback apps, you can earn money while shopping. Just buy items from partner stores and get a percentage of your spending back. For example, with Ibotta, active users can make up to $300 monthly.

Apps like Rakuten and Honey offer similar opportunities.

To redeem your earnings from Ibotta, you need at least $20 in cash back. You can receive your payouts through PayPal, bank deposits, or gift cards. Cashback sites are free to use and provide access to exclusive deals and discounts on everyday purchases.

Access to exclusive deals and discounts

Cashback apps like Rakuten and Honey offer exclusive deals. They find promo codes to save you money at checkout. Payce provides $5 cash back on a $20 spend at stores like Home Depot and CVS.

You need to scan your receipt.

Many apps partner with various retailers, making it easy to find discounts on your favorite items. Special offers often appear in the app, so you don’t miss out. Enjoy extra savings while shopping for everyday needs!

Free to use

Cashback apps are free to download and use. You don’t pay any subscription fees to enjoy their benefits. Install them on your phone or tablet and start earning rewards immediately.

These cashback apps make it easy to save money without spending extra. You only need a Facebook account or an email address to sign up. Enjoy price comparisons, rebates, and receipt scanning at no cost!

Features to Look for in Cashback Apps

Check if the app is easy to use. Look for apps that work with many stores.

User Interface and Ease of Use

A smooth user interface makes cashback apps enjoyable to use. Rakuten, for example, has an easy sign-up process and a straightforward layout. You can quickly find deals and track your earnings with no hassle.

This is perfect if you want to save money without any extra work.

Ibotta offers a simple design, too. It guides you step-by-step through earning cashback by scanning receipts or making online purchases through the app. Rakuten and Ibotta are free platforms, so even beginners can start saving immediately.

Variety of Retail Partners

Cashback apps work with many stores. Rakuten offers cash back at over 3,500 places. TopCashback partners with more than 5,000 stores. This means you can use these apps almost everywhere you shop.

Different apps also have deals for various types of shopping. Whether you’re looking for groceries, clothes, or even electronics, you’ll find something that fits your needs. This wide range helps you maximize your savings on every purchase!

Security Features

Secure connections with cashback apps are essential. Users often connect their bank and credit cards to these apps, like Payce or Dosh. This connection ensures you can earn rewards seamlessly while keeping your financial data safe.

Many of these platforms offer redemption options through PayPal. Known for secure transactions, PayPal adds an extra layer of protection to your earnings. Additionally, reviewing privacy policies helps ensure your information remains private and safe from misuse.

How to Maximize Savings with Cashback Apps

Creating an account on multiple apps can lead to more savings.

Creating an account

Sign up for Rakuten to get a $10 welcome bonus. Download the app or visit the website. Enter your email and create a password. You can also use your Facebook or Google account to sign in.

Join Ibotta by installing their free app or browser extension. Provide an email address, set a password, and start saving instantly—you’ll find deals at hundreds of stores immediately.

Finding the best deals

Use cashback apps like Honey and Ibotta to find the best deals. Honey scans for promo codes at checkout, saving you time and money. Ibotta offers cash back on groceries, travel, and online buys.

Check both before making any purchase.

Explore other great options, such as Rakuten or Fetch. Rakuten partners with many stores to provide exclusive discounts, and Fetch gives you points for scanning receipts from almost anywhere you shop.

Combining these tools helps maximize your savings efficiently.

Understanding payout methods

Each cashback app has different payout methods. For example, Ibotta requires you to earn at least $20 before you can redeem your cash. You can get money through PayPal, bank deposits, or gift cards.

Dosh is slightly different; you need a minimum of $25 to cash out. Your payment options include Venmo, PayPal, or direct bank transfer.

Different apps may offer various ways to receive earnings. Some might let you transfer funds directly into your bank account, while others offer options like gift cards for popular stores or services.

Always check the required minimum amount and available payout methods in each setting.

Combining Apps for Maximum Benefits

Use multiple cash apps to get the most rewards. For example, you can use Rakuten for online shopping and Ibotta for groceries. This way, you gain points or cash from both places.

Stack these rewards with a cashback credit card like Discover it or Chase Freedom. This will boost your total savings even more. Always check which app offers the highest cashback before buying anything!

Cashback App FAQs

Cashback apps make money through partnerships with businesses. They are typically safe to use if you choose well-known ones.

How do cashback apps make money?

Cashback apps make money through affiliate marketing. When you buy items through these apps, the retailers pay a commission to the app. This happens because the app helped bring in new customers.

For example, if you use Rakuten or Groupon, they earn a small percentage from your purchase.

Another way cashback apps make money is by collecting and selling customer spending data. They can analyze shopping habits and trends to help companies improve their products or target ads better.

This information is valuable for many businesses looking to understand consumer behavior.

Are cashback apps safe?

Cashback apps use strong security measures to protect your information. They connect to your bank and credit cards securely. For instance, Payce and Dosh are known for their robust security features.

Many cashback apps also offer PayPal as a redemption option, which is trusted for secure transactions.

Always check the app’s privacy policy before signing up. Make sure they don’t share your data without permission. Reading reviews on platforms like Reddit can help you see how other users feel about the safety of these apps.

Stay informed and choose well-rated apps with solid reputations for protecting user data.

What maximum cashback can you earn?

You can earn between $10 and $20 per month. Some active users can rack up to $300 monthly, especially with apps like Ibotta. Cashback rates vary widely, ranging from 2% to 20% at sites like TopCashback.

Combining these apps boosts your savings even more. For instance, using e-gifts with the right app adds another 12.5% in savings. This strategy helps you get the most value out of your purchases while shopping smartly.

In Summary

Cashback apps and sites save you money on everyday purchases. They are easy to use and offer great rewards. Start by downloading a few popular ones like Ibotta, Rakuten, or Honey. Look for deals and earn cashback while shopping online or in stores.

Turn your savings into real benefits by managing your cashback effectively!

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