Conquer Black Friday Sales: 28 Tips for Savvy Shoppers


Black Friday can be overwhelming with all the insane deals and huge crowds. You’re probably wondering how to make the most of it without spending hours in long lines or wasting money on items that aren’t even a bargain.

Major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy will offer fantastic deals starting late on Thanksgiving Day.

Understanding and navigating these sales will save you time and ensure you grab the best offers.

In this article, you’ll get practical tips for setting your budget, researching prices beforehand, comparing deals efficiently, and using tools like Honey.

Ready to become a Black Friday pro? Let’s get started!

28 Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday can be a great time to get outstanding deals. Follow these tips for a successful shopping spree.

1. Set Your Budget Early

Set your budget for Black Friday 2023 early. With inflation impacting prices, a clear spending limit will help manage finances better. Decide how much you can afford to spend on gifts and stick to it.

Make a list of people you’re shopping for and set individual limits.

Inflation means prices may be higher this year, so plan. Be flexible with what you want to buy, as some items might sell out quickly or not be available at the best discount during doorbusters.

Having a well-thought-out budget provides control over your spending and keeps financial stress low during the holiday shopping season.

2. Research Prices Before Black Friday

Check prices before Black Friday rolls around. It ensures you snag the best deals confidently. Track prices using tools like Camelcamelcamel, Keepa, and Honey. These tools help spot real discounts versus fake ones during the holiday season.

Compare normal prices to sale prices on popular items.

Identify trends early to avoid last-minute stress or website crashes. Planning helps you find early Black Friday deals without fighting crowds in brick-and-mortar stores or e-commerce websites.

Price research makes a huge difference when shopping online or preparing for curbside pickup.

3. Identify and Compare the Best Deals

Browse Black Friday ads as soon as they’re released. Major retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy have many offers. Compare their prices to find the best deals.

Use price comparison tools or apps on your smartphone.

Check multiple websites for the same item. Some stores might offer extra discounts or promo codes others don’t have. Sign up for retailer newsletters and follow them on social media for the latest sales and special promotions updates.

4. Dive into Early Black Friday Deals

Retailers like Amazon and Target start early with Black Friday sales, often kicking off in mid-October. Shop these early sales to score the best deals before the rush. Online sales typically begin at midnight Eastern time on Wednesday, November 22.

Take advantage of these advance discounts to save big. Early shoppers can avoid crowds and snag top items before they’re gone. Many stores offer exclusive online deals, so prioritize browsing from home to maximize savings.

Use price comparison tools to ensure you get the best value without stepping into superstores physically.

5. Dress Comfortably for Long Hours

Wear supportive shoes for comfort. Long shopping trips can tire your feet quickly. Choose sneakers or cushioned sandals for the best support.

Opt for breathable clothing like cotton T-shirts and stretchy pants. Layers can help you adjust to temperature changes inside stores and outside in lines.

Bring a small backpack to carry essentials without hurting your shoulders. Keep water, snacks, and any paper ads you might need within easy reach.

6. Avoid Unsafe Situations

Major retailers will offer online shopping options on Thanksgiving to avoid large crowds and unsafe store situations. You can use these platforms like Google Pay or Apple Pay for quick and safe transactions.

Consider utilizing store pickup options to stay away from crowded places. Many shops have efficient curbside pickup, which is simple and keeps you secure.

Download the DealNews app to track deals while staying safe at home. With it, you won’t miss out on bargains without entering busy stores. Don’t forget that in-store pickup services are also a great choice.

They allow you to grab your items quickly with minimal contact with others.

7. Bring Paper or Digital Ads

Check retailers’ ads early in November. Use these ads to plan your purchases. Many ads include special deals and coupons that help you save big on Black Friday.

Keep digital copies of the ads on your smartphone or print them out. This way, you can show store employees if prices at checkout don’t match what you saw advertised. Tools like Honey can also be handy for tracking price drops from previous weeks, ensuring you’re getting the best deal possible.

8. Stay Organized and Patient

Organize your receipts and rebate forms right after shopping. Putting them in a folder or an app helps you keep track of everything. This ensures you won’t miss any mail-in rebates or face issues during returns.

Be kind to sales associates who handle long lines and temperamental customers. A little patience can make everyone’s day smoother. If the wait gets too long, consider using curbside pickup to save time and avoid crowds.

9. Stay Focused on Your Shopping List

Stick to your shopping list to avoid impulse buys and overspending. Make a detailed list before heading out for Black Friday deals. This will keep you on track and prevent unnecessary costs.

Use a Black Friday app and coupon aggregator to find extra savings. These tools help highlight the best deals, ensuring you don’t stray from your planned purchases. Stay organized with digital or paper ads; they guide you straight to the items on your list without distractions.

10. Have Alternatives Ready for Popular Items

Some items fly off the shelves fast during Black Friday. If popular items sell out, plan backup gifts. Open-box and refurbished products can be great alternatives. They cost less and are often as good as new.

Check the fine print on these deals. Look for warranty information to ensure you’re covered in case of issues. Online tools like price-matching apps help find the best deals even late in the day.

Keep an eye on your favorite stores’ websites for last-minute restocks, too!

11. Prioritize Online Deals to Avoid Crowds

Shopping online for Black Friday deals helps you avoid crowded stores. Use your browser’s private mode to track deals on reliable websites to prevent price changes based on tracking cookies.

Monitor Cyber Monday offers closely, as many retailers have extended sales into Cyber Week.

Use apps like Shopkick and Rakuten to find the best discounts and earn cashback. Many stores, including Walmart and Sam’s Club, offer curbside pickup for easy shopping experiences without long lines.

Ensure the sites you shop from use SSL encryption (HTTPS) for secure transactions.

12. Organize Your Curbside Pickup Strategy

Plan your curbside pickup to dodge the madness of in-store shopping. Bookmark relevant pages ahead of time to save minutes during checkout. Arrange a pickup slot early, as they fill up quickly on Black Friday.

Be prepared for potential wait times at the store. Bring a book or use your phone for entertainment while waiting. Aim to prioritize stores with clear instructions and QR codes, which speed up the process significantly.

13. Use Price Comparison Tools

Use price comparison tools to get the best deals on Black Friday. Websites like Camelcamelcamel and Keepa track product prices over time, helping you determine whether a deal is truly good or just a marketing trick.

Install browser extensions like Honey for real-time comparisons on sites such as Amazon and Walmart. These tools also find discount codes, saving you even more money. Use trusted sources to avoid payment card fraud and protect your data.

14. Shop in Your Browser’s Private Mode

Shop in your browser’s private mode for better privacy and security. Private mode is available in popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and can prevent retailers from tracking your online behavior and adjusting prices based on your browsing history.

It also helps protect sensitive information such as credit card details.

By shopping this way, you can avoid targeted ads that tempt you into impulse purchases. Websites can’t access cookies to track past visits or searches, so your Black Friday deals stay fair and transparent.

15. Ensure Websites are Secure Before Purchasing

Always check for SSL certificates. Look for “https” at the beginning of the web address. A padlock icon next to it also shows a secure connection.

Use a private mode on your browser. This helps protect your information from hackers when shopping online during Black Friday. Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks for financial transactions as they can be less secure.

16. Understand Return Policies and Fees

Knowing the return policies and fees helps you avoid headaches later on. Some stores charge restocking fees when you return items, which can reduce your refund. Be cautious of final sale items that can’t be exchanged or returned.

Check if the retailer allows returns for online purchases in-store for convenience. Apps like Google Play can help you track store policies and keep your receipts handy. This keeps everything organized and saves time during Black Friday shopping.

17. Plan Your Shopping Itinerary

List the stores you want to visit first. Focus on those offering the best early Black Friday deals, then work through other shops. Many retailers like Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club start deals early.

Create accounts on major shopping sites and save your credit card info for faster checkout. Include a mix of online and in-store stops to balance crowds. Ensure you know the start times for key deals so you don’t miss out!

18. Use a Black Friday App and Coupon Aggregator

Download the DealNews app to stay on top of the latest deals. This app provides up-to-date information on sales and discounts from various retailers. It helps you quickly compare prices and spot the best offers.

Follow your favorite stores on social media for exclusive coupons and sale previews. Apps like this can save you time and money by collecting all deals in one place.

19. Shop with a List to Avoid Impulse Buys

Impulse buys can quickly ruin your budget, primarily online. Make a shopping list and stick to it. Focus on what you need, not flashy ads.

Use tools like price comparison apps. Check prices across stores before buying. Stay focused on your list and keep track of your purchases. Using paper or digital ads helps spot real deals without distractions.

20. Keep Track of Your Purchases and Receipts

Keep all your receipts in one place. Use a small folder or an app on your smartphone. This helps if you need to do returns or exchanges later. Some stores might even ask for proof of purchase before issuing any refunds.

Always check that the receipt matches what you bought. Sometimes, errors happen during busy sales events like Black Friday. Detailed records also track how much you’ve spent and ensure you don’t exceed budget.

Maximizing Deals on Black Friday

Save big by using apps that offer extra savings. Sign up for retailer newsletters to get the latest deals straight to your inbox.

21. Leverage Apps for Extra Savings

Use the DealNews app to stay on top of the latest deals. It alerts you to discounts and price drops, smoothing your Black Friday shopping. Tools like Camelcamelcamel and Keepa track product prices over time so you can see if a deal is excellent.

Honey finds coupon codes for you while shopping online. Install it in your browser, and it will automatically apply the best code at checkout. These apps help you save money without extra effort.

Keep an eye on them during Black Friday for maximum savings!

22. Sign Up for Retail Newsletters

Sign up for retail newsletters to receive early notifications of deals. Most stores like Amazon and Walmart send exclusive discounts through emails. Knowing about sales before everyone else means you can get the best prices and even score some items before they sell out.

These newsletters often include coupon codes and special offers not found anywhere else. This way, you maximize your savings with minimal effort. Always check your inbox or Gmail promotions tab for these valuable updates!

23. Follow Retailers on Social Media

Follow your favorite stores on Instagram, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter). Retailers often post exclusive deals and coupon codes that are only available on social media. Stay updated to snag these limited-time offers before they sell out.

Retailers also offer their followers sale previews and early access to Black Friday discounts. You’ll know about amazing deals before anyone else! Use this information to plan your shopping list and compare prices.

Social media is a goldmine for savvy shoppers looking to save big.

24. Bookmark Retailers’ Websites

Bookmarking retailers’ websites ahead of Black Friday can save you time. Doing this lets you quickly access the best deals without repeatedly searching. Just a few clicks, and you’re there! This way, you stay organized and focused on finding great bargains.

Using your web browser’s bookmarks also helps you compare prices more easily. Save pages from stores like Walmart, Best Buy, or Amazon. You’ll then have all the information you need for swift decision-making.

It keeps stress levels low and efficiency high during intense shopping days!

25. Use Discounted Gift Cards

Use discounted gift cards to save more on Black Friday. Many websites sell gift cards at lower prices for major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Check sites like Raise or CardCash for deals.

A $100 gift card might cost only $90 or less, giving you instant savings.

Combining these discounted gift cards with store sales increases your total savings. You can use them online or in-store during Black Friday events. Sign up for loyalty programs to get even better offers on these cards.

Keep an eye out for extra discounts available through warehouse clubs and supermarkets.

26. Take Advantage of Sign-Up Bonuses and 0% APR Offers

Sign up for credit cards offering bonuses. These rewards can be cashback, reward points, or discounts on future purchases. A few card companies, like Capital One and American Express, offer these promotions.

You get extra savings, which can help you during Black Friday shopping.

Look for 0% APR offers, too. These offers allow you to buy now and pay later without added interest. Many cards provide this perk during the holiday season. This way, you can make larger purchases without worrying about interest piling up right away.

27. Use a Rewards Credit Card

Use a rewards credit card to earn points or cash back on purchases. Many credit cards offer additional bonuses during the holiday season. This means more savings while you shop for deals.

Credit card reward programs can give you benefits like cashback, travel miles, or shopping discounts. Look into loyalty cards that match your spending habits. Use these advantages to maximize your Black Friday deals and save even more money.

28. Shop Early Black Friday Sales

Many retailers start offering Black Friday deals early, with some starting as soon as mid-October. Shopping early can help you score the best discounts before items run out of stock.

Dive into these sales to avoid the last-minute rush and crowds.

Set a reminder on your smartphone or use a Black Friday app to stay updated on early promotions: leverage price comparison tools and loyalty card programs to get the best prices.

Final Thoughts

Shop smart this Black Friday. Use a rewards credit card for extra savings. Sign up for newsletters to get early deals. Bookmark your favorite retailers’ websites. Follow them on social media for updates.

Collect discounted gift cards in advance to save more money.

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